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Travel to Armenia on a Budget with Our Ani Central Inn

Ani Central Inn is a seasoned member of one of central Yerevan’s finest and oldest hotel groups. With competitive prices and excellent service and facilities, our hotel has served as a home to many esteemed travelers and businesspeople who came to the wonderful mountainous country that is Armenia.


Our hotel group—together with the Ani Grand Hotel and the Ani Plaza Hotel—offers a wide range of potential options for visitors to Armenia’s capital, ranging from the affordable Ani Central Inn, to the exclusive high-end Ani Grand Hotel. Whichever your choice, our high standards are the same, driven by the responsibility of living up to centuries of Armenian hospitality in a modern and international world.


When travelers of yore made the arduous journey along the Silk Road, a city in the desert became a beacon of respite and recovery, the ancient Armenian Capital of Ani. Nowadays, the journey might not be as challenging, but our role is the same. Each of the Ani Hotels is inspired by this lost city; bathed in tones of desert caramel and cream, interspersed with accents of stone and marble, and driven by its timeless elegance, charm and grace.


Our family of hotels in Armenia is part of the Dali & K group, which also offers the same high-standard accommodation to travelers in two hotels in neighboring Tbilisi, Georgia. The group also runs a private Laundry company, catering to the hotels and their guests; and Bandivan Kat, a dairy and livestock farm that produces some of the country’s most sweet and savory dairy and meat products.

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